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4 Superstars We’d Definitely Love to Recruit for Our Team

We have a lot of fantastic employees on our team, but we’re always on the lookout for fresh prospects that we believe will be great assets for the long term. With many different profiles to sift through, how do we select which ones make it to our team? It’s rather simple. We have a list of superstars that we’d love to work for us.

1) The Initiator

This superstar is someone who truly believes in what the company has to offer. He/she is passionate about the job and doesn’t only show up to collect a paycheck at the end of each month. Instead, this employee works out of his/her own interests, beliefs, and desires. What sets the initiator apart from others is the ability to work outside a particular system, going out of his/her way to create projects without the supervision of others.

2) The Positive Vibe

As all of us know, negativity is like a virus that easily spreads throughout the workplace. Thankfully, the same thing can be said about positivity. Having employees who exude a positive vibe all the time can be tremendously helpful. No matter what happens, the positive vibe is always there to look at the good side of things. Whether it’s a small hiccup or an enormous crisis, this employee reminds everyone that the team can pick up the pieces and start climbing up.

3) The Team Specialist

Some employees simply do their jobs as best they can without any regard to the performance of others. In some companies, these employees work just fine. But our team needs a team specialist, someone who goes out of his/her workspace to help others. In a perfect world, each employee will finish his/her tasks on time. But we’re not in a perfect world. Someone with a strong sense of camaraderie can help those in need, even if it doesn’t equate to additional compensation.

4) The Voice

This employee is someone who shares an honest opinion about important business matters. The feedback may either be positive or negative. What’s important is that the team can rely on someone who offers a genuine outlook on the problem without thinking too much about how other people would reach. The voice is great to have on any team because he/she compels other employees to express their opinions as well, making for a more efficient environment for discussion and collaboration.

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