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No Time? No Money? No Problem! How You Can Start Your Business With a Zero-Pounds Budget

Have you always dreamed of building your own business? There are many aspiring entrepreneurs out there, but only a few manage to turn their dreams into reality. One of the biggest roadblocks to achieving your dreams is finding the funds to launch your business. This isn’t always because you’re earning a mediocre salary. What matters is the amount of money you save despite working a fair-paying job. One trick you can use is creating a zero-pounds budget. Keep reading to learn how to use this tactic to start a business.

What is a Zero-Pounds Budget?

First, let’s talk about what a zero-pounds budget is all about. Despite its relative unpopularity, this budgeting technique originated in the 1970s. Traditionally, businesses will plan their budget assuming that all expenses are already in place. Without double-checking, however, there’s no way to tell where the money actually goes.

In zero-based budgeting, you get to control where you put your money. Everything needs to be approved, so even tiniest details are covered. Regardless of how small or large a particular expense is, you start with a fresh decision, thus the term zero-base.

How to Get Started

Your first order of business is to determine your current expenditures. A lot of people don’t know how much they spend on different bills and activities. Correct this bad habit by keeping track of all your expenses and placing them in their respective categories. Start by determining the amount of money you spend on utility bills, credit card debt, education, transportation, etc. It helps to go back to your expenses for the last three months so you get a rough average of your expenses for each category.

The ultimate goal of zero-pounds budgeting is to make money going in and money going out equal zero. This doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money at the end of each month. The idea is to have a place where you can allot money at the end of each month.

After finding where you can cut down on expenses, you might realize that you have money left at the end of the month. For most people, this serves as a temptation. With cash in hand, there’s the urge of buying new clothes or anything that’s not really worth it. What you should do is take control over the money.

What’s left at the end of the month can go to your savings account. That’s what many people do, but in order to start your business, you may want to consider investing your money instead. It’s better to invest money in vehicles that grow your wealth instead of letting your money sit in a savings account without earning you anything.

Whether you decide to put your money in the stock market, real estate, or other investment opportunities, remind yourself that this is meant to make your dreams come true. This approach can be all you need to finally save up enough money for creating the business you’ve always wanted.

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