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BSL is in the business of connecting educational establishments and employers. By developing links that are strong between learning providers and businesses all over the UK, BSL enhances young students learning using a variety of activities focused on enterprise education.

From Work Experience placement organisation and Work-Related Learning Enterprise Education, we work on establishing partnerships between learning and business providers for the purpose of connecting employers to educational establishments with the aim of shaping the next generation workforce.


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We offer workshops that offer enterprise activities that are highly engaging for schools with a focus on inspiring students. These workshops are aimed at skill development, along with employability, communication and teamwork. The course also increases student motivation while at the same time preparing students on what to expect for working life.

In the year 2015, BSL was the very 1st organisation in the UK that received an Award for national-quality standards in association to providers for learning services that are work-related.

Our Services

Start Up

If you are interested in starting up a business, Business Support London is here to help. Our expert consultants are backed with experience in supporting an extensive range of entrepreneurs all over London. With our assistance, you will be offered with the expertise and confidence to ensure your company gets a great head start.

Business Growth

Our Business Support London department is here to help expand your business. Basically put, we have the expertise to offer you with just the right business tactics and growth strategies focused entirely on driving your company forward. This approach is individualised, hands-on, motivational and more importantly, practical.


Business Plan

When it comes to raising capital in the latest economic climate, it is usually problematic. Our Business Support London team takes pride in providing professional and tailored Business Plan writing services. Last year, we managed to achieve a phenomenal 95% success rate in association to funding for the clients we worked with.


Running any business usually involves a lot of hard work, but at the same time can offer a host of rewards both financially and personally. Our Business Support London department offers experts in personal-tax planning, insurance, accountancy and business finance that are all dedicated to helping your business thrive.


The aspect of marketing is always a key-issue when it comes to start-ups. It is marketing what contributes to driving sales in the way of making sure your brand is exposed to the right audience. When you offer your business with enough exposure, this builds up your reputation as well as establishes your business on the market.


Online sales and social media form a part of the promotional successes for every business. When done well, these opportunities assist in attracting and retaining large amounts of customers with a relatively low investment. For a variety of businesses, online marketing is viewed as one of the primary ways to reach out and target the right customers.

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